Candidate Nomination

If you are planning to run as a candidate for Catholic School Trustee in the 2019 By-Election, you must submit your Nomination papers during regular business hours, in person, to the Returning officer at Legislative Services, 2nd Floor, City Hall, City of Red Deer, by 12:00 noon on Nomination Day, Monday, February 11, 2019.

When you file your nomination papers, your name will also be published in the Candidates List

How to register:

Fill out the following forms:

Form 4 - Nomination Paper & Candidate's Acceptance refers to sections of the Local Authorities Election Act and School Act, summarized in the Excerpts from Local Authorities Election Act & School Act (pdf)

Submit your completed Form 4 - Nomination Paper & Candidate's Acceptance and Form 5 - Candidate Information to the Returning Officer:

  • In Person. A Commissioner of Oaths is available on the 2nd floor, City Hall (4914-48 Ave) to commission the form.
  • Electronic copies will not be accepted. 4914 - 48 Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta