Robert Friss

Robert Friss

For City Councillor

Candidate Biography

Hello Red Deer,

I have lived in Red Deer for 14 years with my wife of 21 years and our 3 children. I have been a local business owner for the past 10 years and am proud to call Red Deer home. I received my Bachelors of Arts Degree with a major in Political Science from the University of Victoria. I have a great deal invested in Red Deer as both my businesses are located here and my wife and I are raising our 3 teenagers here.

I strongly believe that in order to make our city the best it can be we need to start with what is most important..... the people of Red Deer. It is crucial that we deal with the issues of drug use and homelessness first and foremost. It is essential that we have a safe and healthy city if we wish to move forward. Also, we need a strong business environment to help generate funds so we can afford the many social, cultural and environmental initiatives unique to Red Deer. A vote for Rob Friss is a vote for both social and economic change.

Contact Information

403-597-1355 or

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