Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure

All candidates (Mayor, Councillor, School Trustees) are responsible for reviewing the relevant sections of the Local Authorities Election Act to ensure they are compliant with all requirements.

Part 5.1 Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure of the Local Authorities Election Act outlines the requirements for contributions, limitations and acceptance of contributions, anonymous and unauthorized contributions, duties of candidates, fund-raising functions, expense limits, disclosure statements, campaign surplus, late filing, offences.

Candidates must declare, by March 1, 2022, their campaign contributions and expenses and the resulting surplus or deficit on FORM 26 - Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement (pdf) .

Accepting Campaign Contributions

Candidates can self-fund up to $10,000 per year to their election campaign and can accept up to $5,000 per year outside the campaign period in a non-election year.

In the year of a general election you must become a candidate before accepting any contributions to fund your campaign.

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If you are interested in becoming a candidate, visit How do I Run? to learn more.

Election Fact:

Campaign surpluses are no longer held in trust. Candidates may retain any surplus amount under $1,000. Any amount over $1,000 must be donated to a registered charity. Local jurisdictions will no longer hold campaign surpluses.

To view Contribution and Expense Disclosures from previous elections visit Campaign Contributions and Expenses.

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